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History the Grupo Salceda Tapizados.

The Grupo Salcedas Tapizados is currently the leading manufacturer of leather sofas and fabric in a market where only the leading companies manage to stay.

Founded in 1980 , Tapicerías Hermanos Salceda has bet from the beginning by a fabrication based on the quality of raw materials and deep knowledge of its artisans. The steady growth of its customers has allowed to invest in new technologies, variety in design and rapid response to an increasingly demanding and constantly changing demand.

The years 1999 specializes in the manufacture of sofas in fabric unit was created. With the same spirit of seeking quality over mass productivity, HS Comfort quickly earned a spot in front of its many competitors.

Give the merger of these two companies born Grupo Salceda. With common infrastructure of over 10,000 m2 near Madrid, an international coverage and recognition of a wider clientele every day, we see the future as an ongoing growth opportunity.

Our goal since 1980, home to get high quality sofas, where comfort and design as key features of our products are imposed.

How is it done? Remaining attentive to our customers and partners, taking into account changes in the way we live comfort in homes and anticipating new trends. We also take advantage of the continuing evolution of manufacturing techniques and improvements in the materials.

Concept Grupo Salceda Tapizados.

Our know-how : the creation of a new model requires the expertise and professionalism of each of the people living in our production line.

The clients working with us for many years are our main partners when designing a new model. Its permanent contact with consumers and we get the experience necessary to implement the essence of the design trends information and market demand.

Design : without giving up aesthetics and comfort of our own collections we try to dock with the different styles that set the guidelines for a market increasingly moody day.

Adaptability : Each customer has its own demands and wishes sofa suits them. A wide modularity and a great number of additional options to customize each sofa measures suit each and every family member enjoy your plot of comfort, obviating any technical impediment.

Technology the Grupo Salceda Tapizados.

Production: automation of some phases of production in the service of our operators, ensures an optimum level of quality. But perhaps it is the mixture of craftsmen with modern methods that make each of us unique products and meets all that is expected of a product of a perfect finish.

Warranty: is legitimate when purchasing a quality sofa, the tranquility that guarantee durability have. Three decades of existence allows us to offer our customers the security that meets all market requirements. Our quality control is the only goal.

Logistics Grupo Salceda Tapizados.

Logistics: From the first moment have taken all the steps in the manufacture of our products. An important part is the last step: logistics. To ensure delivery and handling citizen, we have our own fleet of vehicles.

Protection: all the care we put into making a sofa do us nothing if during the transfer of the same thing could affect mishandling. To minimize the risk of incidence. So we use extra protection in each module.

The Grupo Salcedas Tapizados and the Environment.

Commitment to the environment-friendly: All manufacturing process involves a greater or lesser impact on the environment. Since 2002, Salcedas Upholstery Group, aware of its responsibilities to the environment, has established an environmental policy that has resulted in the tracking system RAMA From the choice of raw materials to the full recycling of waste. Each of the steps in the manufacture of our products is designed to reduce the impact under current regulations. By this we convey that to buy a sofa Salceda, have the certainty that all bring our collaboration for the future of our planet.